"I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment... and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn." -Thoreau

Friday, March 2, 2012

Just a poem

Hello, hello, dear Reader,

So it is National Eating Disorders Awareness week, and wonderful people have been placing sneaky notes around campus reminding people that they are worthwhile and beautiful. It makes me happy that someone actually took the time to write these. The messages, though small, are important. And the messages, though they may seem silly and trivial, can be difficult to hear. The following is a poem I wrote after encountering some of those handwritten notes posted on mirrors and in bathroom stalls and on water fountains. Hopefully we will remember to be kind to each other and to show a bit of love. We can never be certain the difference a kind word or thoughtful gesture may make. Happy Friday! (Or whatever day of the week it may be for you now.)

A strange thing happened to me today.
I wept, in a bathroom stall
Because a stranger had left me a note
Telling me I was

No, it wasn’t addressed to me, not exactly,
But it was left for me,
Stuck on the inside of the door:
Perfect people are not real.
Real people are not perfect.
Love your flaws.
Forgive yourself.
Because you are-
You are-
You are beautiful.

That word… it hit me.
It jolted me.
Its underlines crept into the
Underlying sadness of my soul
 And suddenly
Tears were slipping down my face.
It was like… they knew
How lonely
And empty
And weary
I …am.
I sank down, fighting back tears,
Fighting back the fighting back of tears,
Lips trembling and blurry eyes
Taking in the message
And again
And again
Wondering whether to
My unknown admirer--
Questioning the plausibility,
Weighing the possibility,
Running over what I knew of me
And comparing it to she,
And then-

And then
I knew that the note could not have been
For me.
So I wiped my eyes
And left the note
For whomever it was meant to be.
For…Who would say
That I
 Am a beauty?
(Though I would like so very much to be.)

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